Humphrey LytteltonSo we are here to say goodbye to Humphrey Lyttelton long-time chairman to the antidote to panel games I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, who passed away yesterday. It has only a few months ago that all the family went to see him on stage with the rest of the panel and, as I noted then, was blown away by his trumpet playing.

Many a long car journey has been lit up by listening to the show and even the boys have learned to love it and enjoy its little quirks too. My favourites were always the new meanings for old words, the late arrivals at the ball and the lovely Samantha.

There was such an easy charm about the whole team that made the thing seem effortless and that they all seemed to get on so well made it even more enjoyable.

Humph you brought a laugh to our car that on occasions would lead to tears and the danger of crashing through so much laughter. I can honestly say there is nothing else that has had such an effect on me – you will be missed.

Obituary: Humphrey Lyttelton (BBC).