The Price of Being an Early Adoptor

Sony eReader PRS300Today I very nearly spent £29 on a Nook eReader. £29 on an eReader? That’s ridiculous – ridiculously low! When I bought my first (and last) eReader, the Sony PRS300 pictured left I paid £170. £170 on an eReader? That’s the price you pay for being an early adopter.

In the few years since I bought the Sony very little has changed with the basic functionality. The Sony has a smaller screen and no wifi but on the plus side it is beautifully made out of metal rather some plastic and it doesn’t have a store front pushing content at me.

I was really tempted by the Nook but in the end I am only a casual reader and so even at £29 I really couldn’t justify the investment. And I probably haven’t had a return on my £170 investment yet!