Amsterdam ‘19 – Day Three – A Walk in the Park

Last days are always tricky with one eye on the clock making sure that you are back in time to get to the airport promptly. But we did have enough time today to go for a walk away from the centre of town this morning to Vondelpark.

Vondelpark is the largest open space in Amsterdam, mainly because it isn’t cut up into smaller areas by canals. It is a pleasant green space with large ponds and tree lined pathways. The guidebook said that this is where Amsterdammers like to come to chill out when the weather is fine. It wasn’t when we visited early in the morning but there was certainly plenty of evidence of previous visitors because the bins were full and overflowing which somewhat spoilt the general view.

By the time that we had walked to the park, done a circuit around it we were pretty tired and so we walked to the American Cafe and took our first tram from there back to the centre.

It’s been a while since we have been on a Dutch tram and so we weren’t sure how to get tickets. In a show of just how cosmopolitan Amsterdam is and how lucky we are, the information signs in the shelter were in both Dutch and English. Of course the answer was that you could pay for a ticket from the driver using contactless – how modern!

This left us just enough time for another quick omelette in Omelegg before heading back home. Now just need to sort out that lottery win so I can buy that canalside house I have my eye on. (€2M should do it!)