Center Parcs 2021 – Day Three – I get Around

I’ve walked a long way today – 8.2 miles to be precise. This actually takes some doing as while Longleat Center Parcs is reasonably self contained you can cover quite a lot of ground if you don’t plan your sessions with some care.

So it was that we found ourselves first thing walking over to the far side of the lake for a “mini trek” session. This wasn’t for me I hasten to add. We are here with our granddaughter and so the activities all revolved around her. Over the course of the day we went to and from our lodge (I recognise now that previously I have called them villas but the correct term in Center Parcs is lodges) a number of times to get to various different activities.

There is quite a height difference between where our lodge is, towards the center, and where all the activities takes place, the Sports Plazza. It is so steep in places that the paths down zig-zag down the side. I remember from previous visits that it was still challenging to cycle up.

By the end of the day I had certainly worked up an appetite for our meal at Hucks – Center Parc’s take on an American diner. Since our last visit Hucks have implemented ordering from a smartphone as is becoming increasingly popular. What people do who only have an old Nokia I have no idea, starve I guess. I struggle to get my head around this app ordering mainly because you pay up front (including tip) which means two things: 1. you have to have faith that everything is going to be fine and you don’t want to recind your tip and 2. you can just get up at the end and walk out.

Looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow.