Italy 2014 – Day 1 – We're on our way

I’d forgotten just how long it can take to reach a destination with so many forms of transport involved. Today was no exception leaving home just after 8am and not arriving at our hotel in Rome until 4pm local time. A journey that included trains, planes, automobiles, Shank’s Pony and pods!… Read the rest

Tracks Added – September 2014

There is plenty of great free music from well known and up and coming artists if you know where to look for it and this month most of it was in that category.

This months additions are:

  • Man May’d – Living at the Speed of Love
  • Paul Carrack – The Best of Paul Carrack
  • U2 – Songs of Innocence
  • Joe Bonamassa – Amazon Artist Lounge
  • Del Amitri – Lies & Hadrian’s Wall
  • Mar de Leva – A Selection from Polen (SoS)
  • LSO – Brahms – Symphonies Nos 3 & 4 (SoS)
  • Neil Finn – Don’t Dream it’s Over  (Live from the US Dizzy Heights Tour 2014)

This includes the “Marmite” album from U2, Songs of Innocence, which was free to anyone that has an iTunes account – whether they wanted it or not.… Read the rest

Are we at war?

Over the last few days the skies have been filled with the sounds of military helicopters flying overhead – a very unusual sound for Reading.

I just happened to be outside today when I spotted not one but seven coming across all together.… Read the rest

Train Spotter

I was clearing out the bedroom getting it ready to decorate when I unearthed my old train set. This was given to me as a christening present so, like me, it is getting on a bit but, unlike me, it is beautifully preserved!… Read the rest

Reading Abbey, Heritage Open Days 2014

Once a year places of historic interest that wouldn’t normaly be open to the public throw open their doors for Heritage Open Days. I read somewhere that these places are obliged to do so annually as part of the conditions of government/lottery funding, although I can’t find any evidence to back that statement up.… Read the rest

Bluebear is the god

Over the years I have spent many hours watching my kids take part in various extra curricular activities. This has included standing on the side of a football pitch on a cold Sunday morning watching a herd of eight year olds chase a ball, seated in an airless theatre as the local amateur dramatic society over acted some play and sat on many a hard church seating while a guitar orchestra played.… Read the rest

Tracks Added – August 2014


This months selection includes a contribution from an act I saw at this year’s Weyfest.

This months additions are:

  • Kokomo – Kokomo
  • Kokomo – Rise & Shine
  • All About Eve – Fairy Night Lights
  • Yes – Heaven & Earth
  • Asia – Omega
  • Roddy Woomble & Band – Live at Kings Place (SoS)
  • LSO – Haydn – Symphonies No.9 (SoS)

This month saw the release of the latest offering from Yes.… Read the rest

Weyfest 2014

My third time back at Weyfest this year and suddenly the secret seems to be out as it seemed much busier right from the opening act on Friday evening. It’s still a small and friendly festival with four stages spread over a small area making it easy to get about and maximise what you can see and judging by the huge swathes of collapsible chairs plenty of others agree with me.… Read the rest