Tracks Added – April 2014


I didn’t think that I would be downloading quite so much this month given that I was on holiday for half the month but I still seem to have managed a reasonable amount!

This months additions are:

  • Prides – Covers
  • Prides – The Seeds You Sow EP
  • Alex Turner – Submarine
  • John Wetton – Raised in Captivity
  • 9Bach- Tincian (SoS)
  • LSO – Britten The Turn of the Screw (SoS)

For reasons that are not clear to me Prides changed their name from Midnight Lion having released the excellent Sleeping the Woods.… Read the rest

USA '14 – Round Up

It has become something of a tradition to do a round up post at the end of our Florida holidays and so this is it.

Here I group together all the posts to allow you to quickly find the post most relevant to what you are interested in.… Read the rest

USA '14 – Day 15 – The long way home

Given that the flight back to the UK is late afternoon this gives us plenty of time for one last hurrah.

Even though we had only been there yesterday it was decided to go back to Hollywood Studios today. I have to admit that this was done on a majority vote basis and like the Olympics I suspect that some bribery took place to get the required result!… Read the rest

USA '14 – Day 14 – And that's a wrap

I don’t do roller coasters so coming to Orlando might seem a strange holiday choice but there is so much to do that is on the ground that it really hasn’t been an issue. However, I did make a promise to Alex that I would go on a slightly more adventurous coaster this time and that this would be the Rock n Roller Coaster.… Read the rest

USA '14 – Day 13 – Dial one, get one free

Today was down to be a quiet day but didn’t end up that way. The plan had been to have a late breakfast at Perkins followed by shopping in the afternoon and then in to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We managed the first part successfully and a bit of the shopping too after which it all went a bit downhill. … Read the rest

USA '14 – Day 12 – Two park blow out

As we get ever closer to the end of the holiday the realisation starts to dawn that you only have so many trips to the parks left and so there is much debate about what we should do when. We are also haunted by the thought that this will be the last time that we are coming this way, although that will make family and friends laugh given we have said that every time we come here!… Read the rest

USA '14 – Day 10 – A trip to Seahaven

Today was (mostly) a boy free day as Helen and I decided to do something slightly more cultural while Alex sat in misery in front of the Man United game!

We went to visit Winter Park, somewhere we hadn’t been previously and has been recommended in the guide books.… Read the rest

USA '14 – Day 9 – Rain and Shazam

It’s unusual for it to rain while we are in Florida, in fact I can only remember it doing so on three previous occasions. Today was the fourth time. The good thing about rain here is that it is warm and clears quickly and when it does the temperature drops back down to something more manageable for us.… Read the rest