A Summer of Vinyl

Anyone that has been paying attention will have noticed that I am back into vinyl in a big way – mainly because I like having a physical product and also the print on a record sleeve is large enough for me to be able to read without glasses!… Read the rest

Getting Bored Now

I think it’s fair to say that my tolerance for staying at home is probably higher than most others but even I have my limits. And I am beginning reach the end of mine now.

Lockdown hasn’t been as much as a shock to me as it must have been for many others as I had been working from home and only seeing my colleagues on video call for the best part of ten years.… Read the rest

A Cut Above

Some 25 years ago my first son was born to be joined a couple of years later by the second. Who knew that two small people could take up so much space? Despite moving to a larger house to accommodate everyone and everything we quickly ran out of space and realised something had to go.… Read the rest

Reading Mammoth Record Fair

So I have been getting back into vinyl in a big way. No, not like that, but vinyl records of the round black variety.

I am trying to limit the amount I spend on records by only purchasing brand new releases and particularly if they are limited releases, special vinyl or signed.… Read the rest