Greece 2013 – The Pictures

Agios NikalaiosNow when I go on holiday I do like to take a photo or two but even I was surprised when I downloaded them and found we had taken 1027!

Greece is a beautiful place and it is easy to get carried away with the snapping, especially now that everything is digital and there is no cost for processing.… Read the rest

Greece 2013 – Corfu Town – A Bus to Town

20131008-142623.jpgAlthough we have a hire car we decided that it would be better to take the bus from the hotel to Corfu Town today. It seemed that everyone else from the hotel had also had the same idea as the bus was packed and we seemed to get shuffled from being at the front of the queue to the back – what happened to a nice bit of orderly queueing?… Read the rest

Greece 2013 – Mount Pantokrator – At the Top of Corfu

20131007-142336.jpgWe got out and about in the hire car today. We decided to visit Mount Pantokrator, the highest point on the island at 906M, as it had been recommended both in the books and by the local guide.

You can drive right to the very top of the mountain and as it is a very steep ascent the road is very winding.… Read the rest

Greece 2013 – Ermones – A Walk in the Woods

20131006-142253.jpgTry as you might it is impossible to escape the fact that this is a package holiday, one of the very few we have ever taken, perhaps only our second. This means that there is a rep here in the hotel and this morning there was a welcome meeting for all the new guests.… Read the rest

Greece 2013 – Corfu – Back on Dry Land

20131005-144051.jpgSo that is week one of the holiday done and we move from ship to shore as we transfer to a hotel.

In some ways I will be sorry to leave the ship behind. It is a great way to see a number of destinations in a short space of time, which is exactly why we chose it in the first place.… Read the rest

Greece 2013 – Katakolon – And the Gold Goes to…


And as if by magic Helen was better again meaning that we could do something together today. We actually had nothing planned and had already decided to see what the port destination was like before deciding.

Katakolon is pretty but tiny and with very little in the way of diversions.… Read the rest