Tales from the Vault

It has been years since I have been to see the recording of a TV show and so when I was offered the chance to be in the audience of Tales from the Vault, a new F1 programme from Sky I was keen.… Read the rest

Tribute to the Great Jim Bamber

There was a time a few years ago that every January I would religiously head off to the Birmingham NEC to got to the Autosports International show. There amongst the stands displaying the latest motorsport widgets was the Autosport magazine stand in which a tiny corner would be devoted to their cartoonist Jim Bamber.… Read the rest


Yesterday was the National Gardens’ Scheme annual open day when gardens all over the country are opened up with the proceeds going to charity. We had chosen to go to Inhomes, just outside of Newbury as it was close and, more importantly (to me) is the home of Sir Frank Williams founder of the Williams formula one team.… Read the rest

219 Races on 2014 F1 Calendar

219 RaceAccording to the Metro paper this morning there will be “219 races in 2014, one less than this year”.

Now I like my F1 but I really don’t think I could watch WilliamsF1 run round at the back of the field that many times a year!… Read the rest

FOTA Fan Forum at WilliamsF1

Last night I got an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often. The chance to attend the FOTA fan forum at the WilliamsF1 HQ in Grove, Oxfordshire and for those that can’t be bothered to read to the end it was a fantastic evening.… Read the rest

An Open Letter of Apology to Lewis Hamilton

Dear Mr Hamilton,

I am writing to you to apologise for the words I shouted at you during your incident with the WilliamsF1 driver Pastor Maldonado late in yesterday’s European Grand Prix. I believe that I may have called you a “f**king stupid w***er” in the belief that your driving had caused the incident that put you out of the race and Maldonado down to tenth thereby robbing my beloved WilliamsF1 of some much needed points.… Read the rest


Williams at 40I was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last Friday and it has to be one of the greatest motorsport events anywhere. It is the only event that I know of that allows fans such unprecedented access to the cars. As you can see from the pictures you can get within touching distance of the cars.… Read the rest


Autosport is reporting today that Max Mosley is thinking of running again to be President of the sports governing body as: “When a lot of people say ‘you should stay’, it would be sort of churlish not to.” Well if it’s any help I am saying ‘you should go’ and perhaps he should consider that it is far easier to say to someone’s face “stay” than to say “push off”.… Read the rest