Whittington’s Tea Barge, Reading

Whittington’s Tea BargeReading has been my home since 1988 when I  moved here for my first job. In the intervening years there have been many changes and almost all have had a positive impact on the town (no, it’s still not a city).… Read the rest

Saltaire and the Five Rise Locks

Just on the way back from a long weekend in Yorkshire. It is bright and sunny as we approach Birmingham and not like the winter wonderland we left behind in Harrogate. However, the weather we fine yesterday when we went over to Saltaire and the the Five Rise locks at Bingley.… Read the rest


20130224-162001.jpgSo I’d be the first to admit that Birmingham wouldn’t have been my first choice as a destination for a weekend break, it’s hardly mentioned in many travellers top 10 but then we had an ulterior motive for coming as we have a son studying at the university here.… Read the rest