BT London Live

The final stop on our big Olympics tour was to Hyde Park for BT London Live. This was basically five large screens showing live olympics action with concession stands around the outside selling Olympic tat and over priced food and drink.… Read the rest

Push-up Bus

One of the things I liked about London 2012 was the stuff that was organised on the periphery, such as music concerts and public works of art. On the walk into the stadium we noticed a mobile phone mast that had been disguised as an Olympic torch, which was rather cool.… Read the rest

Olympic Park

After months of waiting the Olympics, for us, were finally here. Of course I don’t mean as a competitor but as a spectator.

Over the long months leading up the the day we had been very much conditioned by the media to believe that it would be a complete and utter disaster.… Read the rest

Olympic Water Message

At some point over the next few days I will get round to uploading a proper post from the Olympics and some more pictures, this time of the action! In the meantime one of the things we saw yesterday were these water messages which were pretty neat.… Read the rest

Inspiring a Generation

The catch phrase of London 2012 has always been to “Inspire a Generation“. I think that what Lord Coe and the rest of LOCOG probably had in mind was inspiring the NEXT generation not old fogies like me. However, having seen 54-year old Nick Skelton win gold for Team GB yesterday I am beginning to wonder whether there is still time for me to represent my country.… Read the rest