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The Best Shop in the World

This has to be my favourite shop in the world. It was situated directly opposite our hotel and with its unassuming frontage was easy to miss.

It’s a lamp shop but unlike any I had ever seen before. In the window were several brass instruments that had been turned into lamps and they were beautiful, stunning pieces of work. Behind these was an Aladdin’s cave with bits strewn everywhere and there to one side was the craftsman standing creating another masterpiece.

It was beautiful and mesmerising.




Hungary 2014 – Day 4 – Heroes Square

Thanks to my friends at Ryanair I have an extra hour at the airport to write this blog post, so much for the “on time airline”. Oh well.

When abroad Helen and I like to try and find off the beaten track places to eat. This usually is done by a combination of guidebooks, hotel receptions and Tripadvisor for advice. Previously this has worked incredibly well, last night not so. This was partly our fault as we were looking for a traditional Hungarian meal and had identified a possibility. Unfortunately when we came to go out we clicked on the wrong entry on the Tripadvisor app and ended up at somewhere that wasn’t offering haute cuisine. It was one of the quickest meals we have had in a long time but at least it was cheap!

As we had so much time to kill we decided to head back to the markets and take a look at night. Also realising that we weren’t spending money as quickly as we expected meant that we could afford to grab a few extra presents. It was a much more vibrant and attractive place at night so I am glad we went back. Helen was too as it enabled her to sample the mulled wine.

For our last morning we took a stroll North to Heroes Square. This is anther attractive area of the city with the square itself, a park behind and then a museum. There was also an open air ice rink set up with many able skaters whizzing round. It looked fun but I’m told it requires balance, something my wife assures me I don’t have. We then wandered back to the area around our hotel to grab some lunch before returning to the airport.


We did, however, have time for something that we have never done before – change local currency back into sterling. In fact we had so much left over that we got back £75 and still had plenty left to tip the taxi driver and for drinks at the airport. That is completely unheard of for us!

It was an enjoyable few days in the Hungarian capital. Many head for Prague but I would say that Budapest is far more attractive and cheap too.

Hungary 2014 – Day 3 – Christmas Markets

Today, the reason we had come to Budapest when it was cold – the Christmas markets. I believe that these originate from Germany but they are everywhere now. We visited Birmingham’s German Market a couple of weeks ago and the ones in Budapest were supposedly bigger, hence the trip. You could ask why we simply didn’t go to Germany.

It was the first day for the markets today and as such they had got off to a slow start with not all the “sheds” (there’s really no better word to describe them) occupied. Despite that it was still a colourful place to be, as you can see from the pictures below. There were plenty of unusual gift ideas, including jewellery, leather, wood and other mainly candle based items. There was also plenty of opportunity to grab a plastic cup of mulled wine, if that’s your chosen poison.

We left the markets and made off for another walk around part of Budapest. The weather was greyer than yesterday and pretty chilly but a brisk walk up to the Liberty Statue soon sorted that out. The monument celebrates the Soviet liberation of Hungary from Nazi Germany. Given their time under Soviet it’s a surprise that it wasn’t ripped down in 1989. They did, however, change the inscription removing the reference to the “liberating Soviet heroes”. It is a great monument and has a real Soviet era feel to it.

From there we came back down and made our way to the Central Market Hall. The ground floor has numerous market stall, shops really, selling fruit, veg, dairy produce and local meats. Upstairs are stalls selling tourist souvenirs and hot food. Downstairs was an Aldi!

Finally, we made our way back to the warmth of the hotel to thaw out our feet. Based on today I am not sure how I am going to cope once the real cold weather sets in at home.

Hungary 2014 – Day 2 – Buda

After a relatively mild start to autumn in the UK the cold of Budapest has come as something as a shock and it’s not even that cold. At 2 degrees it is still hat and gloves weather though so that is how we left the hotel this morning.

The city is made up of two settlements, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube. We made our way today to Buda which sits on a hill over looking the flat Pest. It is a short ride to the top in the funicular, something that a number of other tourists had decided was a good idea. From the top you great great views across the city with the parliament building looking particularly fine. Unfortunately, as you can see from the pictures below, it was a pretty grey day and so some of the shine was taken off.

Buda is a lovely place that has a number of fine churches, streets stuffed with old buildings and an area of small turrets over looking the Danube that remind me of the sort of structures made in sand sculpture competitions. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets and taking pictures, which you can see below.

Hungary 2014 – Day 1 – Arriving

I guess for some London Stansted is a really convenient airport. There must be some people who say “I know let’s leave this dreary English weather behind and jet off somewhere sunny. Stansted is only just down the road”. Those people don’t live in Reading. For us Stansted means a trek along major motorways of the South of England. Including such stationary wonders as the M4, the M40, the M11 and, of course, the beauty that is the M25.

We had booked a room at the airport ready to make a quick getaway in the morning. At check-in was a bemused group who were being told that they hadn’t confirmed their booking and so their rooms had been released and now the hotel was full. A night in the car no doubt awaited them so I was thankful that wasn’t us.

I’ve said this in the past and I think its worth repeating – travel is time consuming. What with the hanging around at the airport, the flight itself and losing an hour the time quickly gets eaten up meaning that we didn’t arrive at our hotel until 4pm. However, it is worth it for what you find when you get to your destination, such as the parliament building shown above.

There was also a little home from home just around the corner from the hotel!