While I have a very eclectic taste in music I do not think that the same can be said for what I will go and see live. You cannot get a better example of this than to take a look at the ten year period from 1991 to 2001 when, with a single exception, I saw no-one in concert unless they had been in Split Enz at some point. It should also be pointed out that the trip to see the Divine Comedy, which I greatly enjoyed, I only went to as I won the tickets in a competition!

Love and Money

Oh and I have been to see some real rubbish too. Some under duress (Belinda Carlile, Bucks Fizz and S Club 7) and others of my own volition (Tanita Tikaram). On the whole though I have enjoyed almost all that I have been to but I know now that I enjoy the smaller venues to the big stadiums and I like my bands to have some stage presence (Crowded House) rather than strictly following a play list (Genesis).

Love and Money

Also as you can see I have also saved the tickets. The one immediately above is fairly self explanatory but I have included the first one for a mate of mine Dirk who I went to see Love and Money with. If you aren’t familiar with Love and Money I urge you to check out the sublime “Strange Kind of Love” which I greatly enjoy to this day. Love and Money were supported by Hue and Cry, who readers of a certain age might remember for “Labour of Love” which reached number six in the UK charts. I, however, remember being one of only a dozen people being there when they came on stage and Dirk shouts out “Which one’s Huw!” They never really recovered after that! Anyway, here is the full list:

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