A familiar response when I tell people that we are off on holiday is “again?” I am aware that we go away a reasonable amount and do plan our trips away a long time in advance but nevertheless it does always strike me as an odd response.… Read the rest

Down the Big Pit Mine

Last last year I read Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants, the first novel in his Century trilogy. The book follows the fortunes of a number of families in the UK, US, Germany and Russia. One family comes from a mining community in South Wales and the story paints vivid picture of life down the mines.… Read the rest

Italy ‘19 – Day Ten – Pompeii

If you ever have cause to complain about GWR come and have a ride on the Circumvesuviana. This train runs from Sorrento to Naples calling at a number of top tourist places on the way such as Pompeii. Given that this is a top shop window for tourists you would perhaps expect this to show off what the best Italian transport has to offer.… Read the rest