Aerospace Bristol, 28th July 2019

Flight Deck of Concorde

Sometime before Concorde became operational in 1976 a guy down our road invited us as a family to go and see it at RAF Fairford. I remember vividly standing underneath this beautiful bird and going up and kicking its tyres! I’m told we were also able to go inside but I don’t remember this.… Read the rest

Six Days, Five Counties, Six National Trust Properties

It seems that this has become a bit of a “thing”. This is the fifth year of getting out post Christmas to work off some of the chocolate consumed and make the most of our National Trust Membership. You can see the previous entries here, 2014/5, 2015/6, 2016/7 (either didn’t do it or forgot to write about it that year) and 2017/18.… Read the rest