The Human Google Interface

I had a request from one of my sons recently where he was struggling to find something on Google (other search engines are available just not as comprehensive) and asked me to see what I could find. If there was a university degree in finding things on Google I’d have a first with distinction.… Read the rest

My Amazonification

So this week Amazon released Prime Music in the UK which is a (very) restricted version of Spotify Premium. When I say restricted we are talking about 1 million tracks compared to Spotify’s 30 million catalogue. However, Prime Music is an additional perk of the Amazon Prime package which includes next day delivery, Prime Instant Video (Amazon’s Netflix) along with some other bits and pieces for £80 a year.… Read the rest

Spot the April Fools’

Over the years the amount of effort put into creating April Fools’ jokes has increased exponentially, with some more plausible than others (see above). Some, such as Google and Amazon go to the trouble of creating really slick websites and videos such as these from Google (love the girl’s reaction at the end):

And Amazon for its Dash button:

But what happens when you release a new, genuine, product on 1st April such as, well, Amazon with it’s Dash button because it’s for real.… Read the rest

Bluebear is the god

Over the years I have spent many hours watching my kids take part in various extra curricular activities. This has included standing on the side of a football pitch on a cold Sunday morning watching a herd of eight year olds chase a ball, seated in an airless theatre as the local amateur dramatic society over acted some play and sat on many a hard church seating while a guitar orchestra played.… Read the rest

The Price of Being an Early Adoptor

Sony eReader PRS300Today I very nearly spent £29 on a Nook eReader. £29 on an eReader? That’s ridiculous – ridiculously low! When I bought my first (and last) eReader, the Sony PRS300 pictured left I paid £170. £170 on an eReader? That’s the price you pay for being an early adopter.… Read the rest


So Pizza Express has a new iPhone app that allows you to pay for your bill via PayPal thereby negating the need to wait for the waiter to turn up with the credit card machine. I got a chance to use it for the first time today.… Read the rest


2LS-logosmIt is not often that I write about my work but occasionally something happens that I think is worth blogging about and this is one of those occasions.

The company that I work for, 2LS, are providers of recruitment software and, as I am sure you can imagine, this last year has been particularly tough for that sector as new jobs have been few and far between and recruitment agencies have been tightening their belts.… Read the rest


Gadget Show LiveDespite still suffering from jetlag Mat and I got out of bed early this morning to drive to the NEC in Birmingham for Gadget Show Live. We are both fans of the show and of gadgets in general so we were looking forward to finding out what was on offer.… Read the rest



I am pleased to be able to announce that I have now setup my own business, Ammat Consulting, offering strategic consultancy and tactical support to software companies of all sizes. This makes use of the more than 20 years I have in both software development and running of software based businesses.… Read the rest