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Just in case anyone thinks that I only went to Cardiff to pay homage to Russell T Davies or that there is nothing else there this post is set to put paid to that.

Cardiff is a compact city and everywhere is easily walkable which is always a big bonus. There are probably three areas to visit in Cardiff: the Bay, the castle and Queens Street shopping area.

The bay is 30 minutes easy walk from the centre or there is a dedicated bus but that seemed to take the same length of time. The bay is home to the amazing Millennium Centre (pictured below) with its fascinating frontage. Inside projected on a wall was all tweets sent to their @thecentre account, something that I had not seen done before. I sent my tweet and minutes later it was projected large (you can see it here).

The castle was worth a visit but I wasn’t convinced about the price. There were two options, the cheapest being the “essential” ticket at £10.50. I did enquire about a ticket that only gave us access to the “unessential” areas but this didn’t seem to exist. Calling it a castle was also a bit of a misnomer as much of it had been rebuilt in the last couple of hundred years. However, the inside of the state rooms were some of the finest I have seen.

Finally, a very pleasant trip round the St Davids 2 shopping centre and a packed Apple store before the train ride home.

See more pictures from the trip here


Russell T Davis has single handedly made Cardiff into a Mecca for geeks by filming Dr Who in the area and, even more so, by basing the spin-off Torchwood in the city. This weekend we joined them.

The Torchwood hub was situated down in Cardiff Bay underneath the Millennium Centre. You could stand in the piazza outside the centre and see where the exit was supposed to rise up by the fountain and, just round the corner, was the entrance (see picture below). This was covered and I do mean covered in tributes to Ianto Jones who was killed off at the end of the last series. I have seen lesser displays of grief for those who have died in the real world. I like Torchwood but some people really need to get out more.

Next stop, just across the road, was the Dr Who exhibition. I have to sheepishly admit that I was really looking forward to this and was not disappointed as I had my picture taken first next to the Tardis and then with a Dalek! Maybe I need to get out more too?!

More pictures of both the Ianto shrine and the Dr Who exhibition can be seen here but below is a screen grab of the opening credits of one of my favourite Doctors from what is now referred to as the “classic” series. I can’t make up my mind if I prefer Pertwee or Baker (Tom).

There is much to see and do in Cardiff (see next post) but if you are a geek it goes the extra mile.