Right Policies, Wrong Person

To date I have kept well out of the debate on the next Labour leader but now that I have received my £25 vote I am pitching in.

I will be voting for Owen Smith. Not that I think that he is the best person for the party but because he is, in my opinion, marginally the better of the two put in front of me.… Read the rest

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish(ing Quotas)

So I awoke early on Friday morning and was disappointed to discover that leave had narrowly won and it seems we are out of the EU. I wasn’t the only one to be disappointed as the pound and the stock markets dropped significantly on the news.… Read the rest

In, Out, Shake it all about

So tomorrow is the time for us all to vote on the future of the Conservative party. June 23rd is your opportunity to decide their fate once and for all as that is really what has triggered this vote – factions in the tories that have spent years arguing over Europe.… Read the rest

The Big Short

I don’t think that I have ever written about a film I have seen before but I am moved to do so by a trip to the cinema this week to see The Big Short. If I am honest the premise for the film – the 2008 financial crisis – wasn’t one that sounded like a great start for a nights entertainment but I was swayed by the great cast and positive reviews. … Read the rest

Worried about Jeremy

I make no secret about my political leanings but if you were in any doubt this post will dispel them.

There always seem to be problems with electing leaders of the Labour party. Last time out, in 2010, Ed Miliband out manoeuvred his brother David by gaining the backing of the unions to get elected.… Read the rest

Election 20151915

By the time you read this the election will (probably) be all over and the squabbling will have begin before we end up with some mish-mash of parties in an alliance of people who come together in a marriage of inconvenience.… Read the rest

Recognising the Value of Free

There’s a real problem with free in that it has zero cost (obviously) so people seem to think that means it also has zero value.

I hate to see any waste and my heart sinks with everything that gets put into the bin and not recycled.… Read the rest

The Weakest (City) Link

This is a personally motivated post and will without a doubt be biased for which I make no apologies but then what politically motivated speeches aren’t?

Earlier this year my eldest son started looking for jobs in marketing as that would allow him to make use of his talent for writing.… Read the rest