Is Reading Ready for ReadyBike?

So Reading has jumped on the local bike hire bandwagon with the launch of ReadyBike (surely it should be ReadiBike?).

This is a scheme similar to the one so popular in London where a number of bike stations have been placed around the town and you and pick-up and drop-off from these.… Read the rest

Rushing Water

It’s been a bit wet over the first few months of 2014 and the consequences are still pretty visible. This video doesn’t really do it justice but the water flowing through Reading is still pretty strong and powerful.

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Say No to 01189

Many years ago in 1995 I was involved in the PhONEday number change when UK telephone numbers had an additional one forcibly inserted into the dialing code so, for example, Reading went from being 0734 to 01734. The purpose of this was to allow for more capacity across the network as a whole.… Read the rest

Whittington’s Tea Barge, Reading

Whittington’s Tea BargeReading has been my home since 1988 when I  moved here for my first job. In the intervening years there have been many changes and almost all have had a positive impact on the town (no, it’s still not a city).… Read the rest

Fire Excites the People of Reading

So the Olympic torch came through Reading yesterday and I was there to savour the experience. Given that it had been lashing it down only a hour or so earlier (it is the British summer after all) I had expected there to be a low turn out but, as you will see from the pictures below, it was heaving.… Read the rest