Staycation 2020 – Day One – B&Q

Sandwiched between the good weather and the shops reopening is our “holiday” week. Originally it was going to be spent at Centreparcs but that has been shoved out by 13 months due to the Covid situation. Our employers are keen that we use up some of our leave entitlement and so here we are on our first “staycation”.… Read the rest

Down the Big Pit Mine

Last last year I read Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants, the first novel in his Century trilogy. The book follows the fortunes of a number of families in the UK, US, Germany and Russia. One family comes from a mining community in South Wales and the story paints vivid picture of life down the mines.… Read the rest

A Welsh Adventure – Day Three

Having read in the National Geographic that the drive from Hay to Abergavenny was a “castle-dotted route” that “brims with vistas” it sounded too good to be true. However, there are two possible routes and no clues were given to help us pick the right one.… Read the rest

A Welsh Adventure – Day Two

Some years ago the utility room in our house was full of shelves overflowing with books. Then along came the all powerful triumvirate of kids, kitchen and Kindle and all the books went (along with all my LPs). Over the years there has been a pang of regret for the loss of both books and records and now with the children leaving or taking up less space we are beginning to reverse the process.… Read the rest

A Welsh Adventure – Day One

Despite stopping overnight close to the “classic” Severn Bridge we elected to enter Wales further North thereby avoiding the £6.50 toll, money that clearly isn’t spent on repairing the road surface on the crossing. This was a much more pleasant way to get to Hay, our ultimate stopping point, than a blast along the M4.… Read the rest