“Bombers were all sponging asylum seekers” was the big, bold title on the front of today’s Daily Mail. I didn’t pick up the paper and bother to read the article as I had already read enough to have my stomach turned. Just to make matters even worse I noticed that in the top left hand corner of the front page was a union flag. So we can be very clear about where the Daily Mail stands on the issue of immigration – not that we were ever in much doubt.

What I can’t quite work out is how they think that this sort of tone is in anyway helpful at anytime let alone now when the need to stand together is greater than ever. But, of course, they don’t care about that. What they do care about is shifting as many papers as possible. They probably also believe the right wing rubbish they write too.

I repeat: everyone needs to stand firm against those who wish to do harm to the country. Stirring up racial unrest is not helpful and gives the bombers what they strive for. My advice? Don’t buy the Daily Mail.