Today the FIA have released details of why they came to the decision to fine McLaren a record $100M in the Ferrari spy scandal. I did wonder yesterday if McLaren might appeal but seeing the evidence I don’t think they should bother and think themselves lucky that they weren’t kicked out for 2007 & 08. I also shows that Mike Coughlan was lying spectacularly to save his skin and lessen the damage inflicted on his former employer. Coughlan stated that he had only four contacts with Ferrari’s Nigel Stepney. It has become clear that there were in fact at least 35 mobile calls and 288 text messages and that an incredible amount of detail was passed. What is ironic about this is that McLaren title sponsor Vodafone produced the information to prove this had been the case.

I dislike Ferrari for how they go about racing but on this occasion I can only side with them and think that they should rightly feel hard done by and that McLaren have got off lightly.