Boggy CreekAnd now, as they say, for something completely different. This morning Helen and I left the boys in bed and went off for an air boat ride at Boggy Creek. This is as far removed from Disney as you can possibly get and the closest to the real Florida as you are likely to get. You board an air boat for an half an hour ride over a shallow reed lake – similar to the everglades themselves.

We did the same ride a couple of years ago and came away disappointed as we didn’t see anything of interest and it was freezing – possibly why we saw nothing. This time was completely different as it was teeming with wildlife including a number of alligators – the big feller on left was what we came across first.

There was also a wide variety of birds including cranes, ospreys and vultures. The boat allowed us to get up close and get a really good view of everything. Our guide was also very knowledgeable making it all the more interesting. A great trip and thoroughly recommended if you are coming to Florida and tire of the parks.

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