Disney Magic KingdomFor those that think that it’s sunshine 24/7 here in Florida today would have been a real wake up call. Being America the rain, like everything else here, was big (and wet!)

However, being plucky Brits and undeterred by a bit of rain we ploughed on regardless and went to Magic Kingdom. The advantage was, as you can see from the picture left, that few others bothered to make the trip.

Magic Kingdom is is definitely aimed at a younger visitor and probably best for the under 10’s. That said we still have a few rides that we like to do there. The Buzz Lightyear ride is great and Mat must have been on about five times today.

Helen and Alex go on Space Mountain which is usually a roller coaster in the dark. I say usually as today, half way round, all the lights came on and they could see exactly what they were in for as it came up. Also as you wouldn’t normally see the inner workings no effort had been made to make them look good so Helen felt that it was more daunting.

Finally a trip on Thunder Mountain – the only roller coaster I will go on, which shows how tame it is! The three of us went on while Mat went on the Buzz Lightyear ride again.

After that it was clear that the rain was set in for the day so we gave up and went home and change out of our clothes, which by this point were sodden. Forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 27 degrees.


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