Disney EPCOTThe last day before we get the flight back home this afternoon. Keen to eek out the most of our holiday we pack up and leave the house early for a goodbye Perkins breakfast. The intension being that we won’t be needing to eat again until we get on the plane.

Breakfast out of the way we go to EPCOT for a final fling. I am feeling a little under the weather (in fact I have been feeling dodgy since our trip to Typhoon Lagoon earlier this week – probably too on board too much water). So we get a fast pass for Test Track and then the boys while away the time until we can use our passes by going on Test Track as single riders. Helen and I go shopping for a tee shirt Helen had here eye on and sit around waiting for the boys to emerge.

We all go on Test Track together for a final time before heading out and along International Drive looking for a Subway to get the boys some lunch and food for Alex for the journey as he can’t eat what is provided on the flight.

Finally we head to the airport to drop off the car and bags for the flight at 17:20. First problem is that the “fast bag drop” line is moving at a snails pace compared to the line for check in AND bag drop. Actually, that’s a lie our line isn’t moving. Second thing is that we are told that our flight has been delayed by two and a half hours as the incoming flight had to make an additional stop for a medical emergency. So we have five hours to kill at the airport. Great.

UPDATE: Flight now delayed to 20:30 so it’s a delay of six hours.