Melbourne at NightThis morning caught the train to Williamstown, a small town on the coast to the south of Melbourne. The guide books had suggested that it was a picturesque place for tourists to visit . Clearly the person that wrote the guide hadn’t been out of season as in September Williamstown resembled the Isle of Wight in March – cold and closed!

Nevertheless Helen and I battled on with a chilly walk around a coastal path past the local sights and back into town where we had some lunch before beating a hasty retreat back to Melbourne.

Spent the afternoon wandering around areas of Melbourne that we hadn’t previously visited, including a trip to the Shrine of Remembrance, and then a warming hot chocolate at Max Brenners.

Back at Fed Square, while waiting for Sharon and the Girls, we visited a fantastic art installation. You went into what was essentially an oversized, tapered, cloche but instead of the walls being transparent they were black and into the walls the artist had poked a number of hold to make scenes and shapes. With the late afternoon sun pouring onto the walls there were some striking effects such as you can see here and here.

Wandered along the Southbank for a meal and a look at the nightlife before returning back to the house shattered. Tomorrow we fly to Sydney where the temperature is due to be 30 degrees.


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