Great Barrier ReefJust got time for a short post today having had a long day at the Barrier Reef and what an amazing day it was. The Reef is undoubtedly one of the natural wonders of the world and it was wonderful to experience it first hand. Unfortunately this meant having to get my feet wet. In fact I needed to get way more than my feet wet – I needed to snorkel which for someone who is not the worlds greatest swimmer was a real challenge.

After donning my flippers, goggles and snorkel Helen and I gingerly made our way to the edge of the platform and we were off. I could hear my deep, heavy breathing as I put my head down into the water for the first time and boy was it worth it. The waters were crystal clear and the view was just great. Fishes everywhere and coral just a few feet below the surface.

We spent maybe 30 – 45 minutes in our first session before taking a break. Our second date with the waters was less successful as I got a bit panicked as water came first into my goggles and consequently my nose and then my mouth. In reality there couldn’t have been more than a tea spoonful of water but it was enough to put me off. So after another 30 minute session I was ready to make my way back to the pontoon.

Although I had taken some disposable cameras with me I had also hired a digital, underwater, camera and this meant that I could get some really fantastic shots. Haven’t sorted them all yet but click through below for a sneak preview.

Despite my lack of liking for water today was one of the highlights of the holiday.


Click here for more pictures of the Great Barrier Reef

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