Just in case anyone thinks that I only went to Cardiff to pay homage to Russell T Davies or that there is nothing else there this post is set to put paid to that.

Cardiff is a compact city and everywhere is easily walkable which is always a big bonus. There are probably three areas to visit in Cardiff: the Bay, the castle and Queens Street shopping area.

The bay is 30 minutes easy walk from the centre or there is a dedicated bus but that seemed to take the same length of time. The bay is home to the amazing Millennium Centre (pictured below) with its fascinating frontage. Inside projected on a wall was all tweets sent to their @thecentre account, something that I had not seen done before. I sent my tweet and minutes later it was projected large (you can see it here).

The castle was worth a visit but I wasn’t convinced about the price. There were two options, the cheapest being the “essential” ticket at £10.50. I did enquire about a ticket that only gave us access to the “unessential” areas but this didn’t seem to exist. Calling it a castle was also a bit of a misnomer as much of it had been rebuilt in the last couple of hundred years. However, the inside of the state rooms were some of the finest I have seen.

Finally, a very pleasant trip round the St Davids 2 shopping centre and a packed Apple store before the train ride home.

See more pictures from the trip here

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