Today was what will probably be our one and only trip to Magic Kingdom.

Getting to Magic Kingdom is a bit tortuous as you have to drive to the car park, followed by a train ride to the transportation centre and then finally take a monorail or boat ride to the entrance. Only then are you able to enter though the park gates and see the iconic castle at the end of “Main Street”.

A lot of the park seems to be dedicated to small children, something that we no longer have, nevertheless there was still plenty for us to do. As ever organisation is the key, something at which Helen and I excel!

First off was the Buzz Lightyear ride, a shoot ‘em up game which is a humiliating experience for anyone other than the sharp shooter Mat. Then we all went on Thunder Mountain, a roller coaster for those who like to have their heads remain above their feet (see the video below for the whole three minute ride). We then split into two with Helen and Alex going for the Space Mountain ride (think Thunder Mountain in the dark) and Mat and I going back to Buzz Lightyear and the Carousel of Progress. Before meeting up and going on Thunder Mountain again.

And that was us done – probably the last time that we will visit Magic Kingdom – unless we take the grand kids…!