It’s been quite a few years since I last attempted to “do” my family history, close to 20 in fact. In that time an awful lot has changed both in my life and in the wider context of family history research.

Over the intervening years I have seen my children grow-up and either left home or preparing to do so very soon. I have also gone from being an employee to an employer with all the responsibility that that implies.

At the same time the internet has revolutionised the process of doing family history research with so many records now being available for search from your browser (at a price). The internet has also made connecting with others researching the same individuals or families much easier and quicker albeit at the loss of the written letter.

So with all of the above in mind I have committed to start my research again but looking at my records I now realise that the methods I employed previously were not rigorous enough and so I am effectively starting from scratch. I am annoyed for putting myself into this position as now a number of the people that could have verified some of the information I have as fact are no longer with us.

I am also intending to record my journey on this blog, although, given that one of my primary interests is technology I will also be documenting how that has helped me in my research.