It has been announced this week that the price of a first class stamp is to rise by 30% and a second class stamp by a whopping 39%. The reason that the rises are necessary is because of increased competition not only from others taking away delivery of physical items but by electronic means of communication which are now so prevalent. So much is done electronically these days, whether it is a quick email, Facebook message, text message or BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) it is surprising that anything gets posted at all. Most of my bills and statements are online meaning that the most significant delivery I do receive through the postbox is junk mail – something I could live without. How much longer before the forced children’s thank you letter is replaced by some ethanks video card? Humm, potential start-up idea there methinks!

It’s a double whammy for the post office, of course, as the giant increase in postage prices will force people to look for alternative means of getting their message over in a cheaper way, meaning greater messages sent via electronic means and less post leading to increased costs. The rise in the price of the stamp is as inevitable as is the demise of to the door postal delivery services, it just cannot be cost justified.

This all makes me rather sad as I like to receive interesting things through the post, sometimes, on very rare occasions, that even includes junk mail items!

Right, I’m off to start my ethanks business!

PS. The picture above shows my grandfather on his last round before he retired as a postman in South Petherton, Somerset.