Spain 2012 – Day 2 – Barcelona


For logistical reasons we decided to go to Barcelona today rather than wait for the weekend rush. So we went off to the train station in search of, well , a train. Arriving at the first counter I explained to the woman behind the glass in my best English that I wish to purchase to return tickets to Barcelona. She looked at me and waved to her right. So we moved along to the next window to our left and repeated my request where we were met by a similar response. Being nothing is not creatures of habit we joined the final queue to the left and took stock of our position. It then became clear that we were actually in the bus station rather than the train station and the hand gesticulations had actually been to tell us that we needed the BUILDING to the left and not the next counter as we had assumed. Doh! So ticket purchased we got the very sleek and comfortable next train bound for Barcelona.

On arrival we wandered and did some of the things that tourists are expected to do ending up on La Rambla where we knew that there was a covered market that did great tapa, amongst other things. We found a slot at a very busy booth and set about ordering a number of tapas items followed by a couple of main dishes. As soon as the tapas arrived it became clear that the main dishes wouldn’t be required and it took some doing to eat enough of all we had ordered to not embarrass ourselves! The food was great, however.

We finished off the day with an obligatory trip to the Sagrada Familia where progress is as slow as ever. We have been once before (actually twice in Helen’s case) and have vowed not to come back until it is complete – that might mean not coming back again!

The train back was a bit of a shocker compared with the luxury of the mornings offering. This train was the slow train to Girona, stopping everywhere and was packed. Fortunately we were able to get a seat although there are beds in Siberian prisons that are softer! It was good to get off and stretch.