Inspiring a Generation

The catch phrase of London 2012 has always been to “Inspire a Generation“. I think that what Lord Coe and the rest of LOCOG probably had in mind was inspiring the NEXT generation not old fogies like me. However, having seen 54-year old Nick Skelton win gold for Team GB yesterday I am beginning to wonder whether there is still time for me to represent my country.

Obviously it would have to be in an event that doesn’t require me to be in the peak of my physical fitness (I’m not sure when that actually was!). Britain seems to excel in sports that involve sitting down and that could be to my advantage as I am really good at that. Also my long range eyesight is really good although I am struggling to read anything close up these days, so reading the rule book could be a chore.

So I have four years in which to select a suitable sport, become good at it and get selected for Team GB and then I am on my way to Brazil! Any suggestions for suitable sports would be welcome!!!

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