Weyfest 2012

A couple of weekends ago I attended my first music in, well, decades. In the intervening period things have got in the way of attending any other festivals, such as work, children and liking my creature comforts. So when the opportunity to attend Weyfest presented itself I was keen as:

a) the line-up was good,
b) it was local so I could come home each night to my own bed and
c) it had “ample free parking” which seems to be a consideration for much of anything I do these days.

The line-up was aimed to oldies such as myself and included 10cc, Steve Hackett and Asia. While Asia was the original line-up the same could not be said for 10cc who could be more accurately described as 2.5cc given that only Graham Gouldman from the original quartet remains. However, they did play a crowd pleasing set that covered both well known and more obscure numbers which were all faithfully reproduced. Asia, somewhat surprisingly, only played songs from their first album (and one from the second) rather than their rather good new release, XXX, but that might be due to the shortened set they were forced to play due to technical problems.

Given that compared to, say, Reading, Weyfest was tiny and meant that you could get a lot closer to the action without endangering your life through the potential of getting crushed against the railings. This meant that I was able to get right to the front in what might have been a mosh pit elsewhere and take some great pictures.

The other thing that somewhat surprised me was that I was originally drawn to Weyfest by the headline acts but in the end it was those lower down the order that I enjoyed more. So step forward Little Johnny English and the really rather brilliant Rodney Branigan – check them both out if you get the opportunity.

So Weyfest for me was a great success and I would be tempted to go back again next year. I just wish I could predict the weather…