A work of art

A few months ago I received an email via Flickr asking me if some of the photos that I had taken while in Bruges, Belgium  and posted to the photo sharing site could be used as inspiration for an art project. I have had requests to use various photos that I have taken and posted to Flickr over the years but never before had anyone suggested their use for an art project. I agreed, as I always do.

I heard nothing back until today when the artist, Graham Lister, contacted me again telling me that the work was complete and you can see it below (yes, it is a video) and find more details on Graham’s site.

As Graham said in his email to me “I know that art is a very personal thing, and my style of work may not be at all to your taste” but I did find what he was setting out to achieve interesting and a bit different from a painting. I would encourage you to go to the site and read about what Graham was trying to achieve and also take a look at the individual paintings that we done for the video.