Simple Minds, Reading Hexagon

Simple MindsFor some reason Reading doesn’t seem to attract many big name bands to play in the town, probably because it is so close and easy to get to London where everyone plays. So that Simple Minds played here was a big deal.

It was odd turning out to the Hexagon last Thursday to find queues to get into the theatre, bouncers on the door and the most stage I have ever seen there – in order to accommodate all the band all the curtains had been stripped away to reveal a surprisingly large area. The stature of the band was also reflecting in the tickets prices with this being the most I have ever paid to see someone in Reading.

I have seen the band play once before and was impressed, as I was this time, with their appreciation of the audience, they genuinely seemed grateful that people had bothered to come out and support them. There also didn’t seem to be any trace of arrogance in Jim Kerr as he swaggered across the stage gladly posing for pictures and waving to all sections of the crowd. Perhaps he was before or is backstage but no in front of the crowed.

As for the music this was a greatest hits tour after all and so we were treated to a walkthrough of the biggest numbers from their back catalogue, simply magic!