Tracks Added – January 2014


A couple of years ago a mate of mine started to buy a new CD a week and tweeted it’s title and a (very) small review. Despite the rest of the world having moved over to downloads Dirk has continued his weekly CD buying habit ever since. I find it fascinating that there is quite so much music that I have never heard of and I feel all flushed with excitement when he buys something that I already have! I think that might have happened twice.

Anyway, these days my buying habits are somewhat more sporadic but I thought that it might be interesting to blog about what I have added to my collection on a monthly basis.

So this months additions are:

  • Steve Hackett – Carpet Crawlers
  • Hassan Hakmoun – Unity (SoS)
  • LSO – Brahms Symphony No.2 (SoS)

Those above marked (SoS) are from a subscription service called Society of Sound which is curated by Real World Records, Peter Gabriel and the LSO. This provides members with two downloads a month of which you get no choice. This means that some months you get something that you really love and other months not so.


All my music is held in a web-based music streamer called Subsonic, a roll-your-own Spotify if you like. This provides statistics on number of tracks and size of collection, as you can see below. These aren’t strictly accurate for this month as I have already added some more music in February but will be correct next month.

1,207 artists
2,561 albums
23,055 songs
225.52 GB
1,846 hours