Tracks Added – March 2014


After last month’s bumper crop a quieter time this month.

This months additions are:

  • Asia – Gravitas
  • John Mayer – Paradise Valley
  • Roller Trio – Tracer (SoS)
  • LSO – Sibelius Symphony No.2 (SoS)

I have long been a fan of John Mayer and went to see him live when he was in London long before he became “big”. The crowd was packed with ex-pat Americans who spent the whole gig whooping and drowning out the sound of Mayer, which as it turned out was a good thing as he really isn’t that great live.

Mayer’s recent work has tended toward the more country and western and not been my sort of thing but Paradise Valley is better. It includes a track with his then girlfriend Katy Perry following on from the duet hid did with his pervious Taylor Swift. Did he record anything with Jennifer Aniston as I would like to complete the set!

Asia’s XXX was a real return to form, although searching for “Asia xxx” on Google can return results other than you might want! Gravitas is good without being great, although I particularly like that they have written a whole track about Nyctophobia!

Those above marked (SoS) are from a subscription service called Society of Sound which is curated by Real World Records, Peter Gabriel and the LSO. This provides members with two downloads a month of which you get no choice. This means that some months you get something that you really love and other months not so.


All my music is held in a web-based music streamer called Subsonic, a roll-your-own Spotify if you like. This provides statistics on number of tracks and size of collection, as you can see below. These are now accurate.

1,210 artists
2,570 albums
23,132 songs
228.91 GB
1,857 hours