Tracks Added – September 2014

There is plenty of great free music from well known and up and coming artists if you know where to look for it and this month most of it was in that category.

This months additions are:

  • Man May’d – Living at the Speed of Love
  • Paul Carrack – The Best of Paul Carrack
  • U2 – Songs of Innocence
  • Joe Bonamassa – Amazon Artist Lounge
  • Del Amitri – Lies & Hadrian’s Wall
  • Mar de Leva – A Selection from Polen (SoS)
  • LSO – Brahms – Symphonies Nos 3 & 4 (SoS)
  • Neil Finn – Don’t Dream it’s Over  (Live from the US Dizzy Heights Tour 2014)

This includes the “Marmite” album from U2, Songs of Innocence, which was free to anyone that has an iTunes account – whether they wanted it or not. I like generally U2 and while this is nowhere near their best record it does have some listenable tracks and it was free. If you don’t want it you can delete it here.

I’m not sure how or why two new Del Amitri tracks suddenly appeared for download on Soundcloud but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Hadrian’s Wall is particularly good.

Those above marked (SoS) are from a subscription service called Society of Sound which is curated by Real World Records, Peter Gabriel and the LSO. This provides members with two downloads a month of which you get no choice. This means that some months you get something that you really love and other months not so.


All my music is held in a web-based music streamer called Subsonic, a roll-your-own Spotify if you like. This provides statistics on number of tracks and size of collection, as you can see below.

1,248 artists
2,723 albums
23,805 songs
250.49 GB
1,923 hours