Italy 2014 – Day 1 – We're on our way

I’d forgotten just how long it can take to reach a destination with so many forms of transport involved. Today was no exception leaving home just after 8am and not arriving at our hotel in Rome until 4pm local time. A journey that included trains, planes, automobiles, Shank’s Pony and pods!

The pods are the futeristic transport that takes you from the business parking at Heathrow to the Terminal 5 departures. Each one is self-contained holding up to four people and autonomous. You step in, sit down and press a button after which you are whisked along a track, over the road and into the terminal building all in less than five minutes. As you glide along the TV screens at either end of the pod show “interesting” information along with a Windows type progress bar!

I have to say that of all the modes of transport I took today this was the one I enjoyed the most and lasted the least time. Perhaps they two are related?