Tracks Added – October 2014

Quiet month this month and one of the five shown is actually from last month!.

This months additions are:

  • Fish – A Feast of Consequences
  • Peter Maxwell-Davies – Symphony 10 (SoS)
  • Jef Neve – One (SoS)
  • OK Go – Hungry Ghosts
  • John, Paul, George & Ringo – 4

The observant amongst you will note that I missed an entry last month and rather than go back and change it I have simply included it here. That means that when excluding this and the Society of Sound downloads I have only two new entries this month.

The first of which is the new OK Go release which came via Pledgemusic. This is full of the typical OK Go tracks and are accompanied by their usual over the top videos, the latest of which is embedded below. I was convinced that this had to have been CGI’d but they say not.

I’ve been a Marillion fan since the very first record, Script for a Jester’s Tear, but haven’t really followed Fish since he left the band. However, I came across his latest release and really liked it – so much so that I have now booked to see him when he comes to Reading in December.

Those above marked (SoS) are from a subscription service called Society of Sound which is curated by Real World Records, Peter Gabriel and the LSO. This provides members with two downloads a month of which you get no choice. This means that some months you get something that you really love and other months not so.


All my music is held in a web-based music streamer called Subsonic, a roll-your-own Spotify if you like. This provides statistics on number of tracks and size of collection, as you can see below.

1,249 artists
2,728 albums
23,876 songs
253.64 GB
1,930 hours