Hungary 2014 – Day 4 – Heroes Square

Thanks to my friends at Ryanair I have an extra hour at the airport to write this blog post, so much for the “on time airline”. Oh well.

When abroad Helen and I like to try and find off the beaten track places to eat. This usually is done by a combination of guidebooks, hotel receptions and Tripadvisor for advice. Previously this has worked incredibly well, last night not so. This was partly our fault as we were looking for a traditional Hungarian meal and had identified a possibility. Unfortunately when we came to go out we clicked on the wrong entry on the Tripadvisor app and ended up at somewhere that wasn’t offering haute cuisine. It was one of the quickest meals we have had in a long time but at least it was cheap!

As we had so much time to kill we decided to head back to the markets and take a look at night. Also realising that we weren’t spending money as quickly as we expected meant that we could afford to grab a few extra presents. It was a much more vibrant and attractive place at night so I am glad we went back. Helen was too as it enabled her to sample the mulled wine.

For our last morning we took a stroll North to Heroes Square. This is anther attractive area of the city with the square itself, a park behind and then a museum. There was also an open air ice rink set up with many able skaters whizzing round. It looked fun but I’m told it requires balance, something my wife assures me I don’t have. We then wandered back to the area around our hotel to grab some lunch before returning to the airport.


We did, however, have time for something that we have never done before – change local currency back into sterling. In fact we had so much left over that we got back £75 and still had plenty left to tip the taxi driver and for drinks at the airport. That is completely unheard of for us!

It was an enjoyable few days in the Hungarian capital. Many head for Prague but I would say that Budapest is far more attractive and cheap too.

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