Tracks Added – Album of the Year 2014

So all this year I have been recording all the new music I have added to my collection (you can see all the monthly entries here) and I wanted to take a look back and see which of all the albums I’ve added I’ve enjoyed the most.

The criteria for this award is quite simple it is the one that I have come back to listen to time and again. It also excludes any that were added in December as any of these wouldn’t have had enough time to be regarded as long term favourites.

And so without further ado the winner, from March, is…

Asia – Gravitas

While this is not as good as 2012’s XXX it is still a fine record and a return to Asia’s best. Personal favourites on the album are Nyctophobia (simply for managing to fit that into the lyrics), The Closer I Get to You and Joe Dimaggio’s Glove.

So well done Carl, Geoff, John and the one that replaced Steve!