Election 20151915

By the time you read this the election will (probably) be all over and the squabbling will have begin before we end up with some mish-mash of parties in an alliance of people who come together in a marriage of inconvenience.

However, what stuck me was just how antiquated the whole process was. It cannot have changed since the 19th century. Bit of paper, pencil on a string, big black box etc.

Why can’t we vote via the web, Twitter, or even Facebook? The reasons given are concerns over electoral fraud but having just gone to the local primary school and simply given my name and address (no identity check) I’m not sure how the government considers that system more secure.

In fact I enjoyed the whole process so much that I have been back five times today and voted for my neighbours too! It won’t affect the outcome however as where I live the result is a foregone conclusion. As we have John Redwood as our MP it proves that people must vote along party lines rather than for the individual.