Ten Years a’blogging

I missed an anniversary in January – ten years since I have been running my own blog. I did blog prior to that, sporadically, on Blogger but this was the first time that I took it seriously, firstly using Greymatter and then transferring to WordPress.

Over the years there have been some ups and downs and I even considered quitting completely after one particularly nasty attack with the hacker trying to extort money out of me to get things back online. I refused and rebuilt everything on a more secure platform.

Looking back across all the posts they have seem to converged onto a couple of themes: music and travel, which seems to accurately reflect my interest. Although other passions (technology and Williams F1 Team) are dealt with elsewhere.

The blog is really here for my enjoyment rather than yours which is why I don’t bother much with SEO, finding the right post title or any keyword analytics. In fact it’s pretty amazing that you are here at all, did you stumble upon the blog by mistake? Well thanks for looking you are in a select band of 50-60 people that stop by every day.

I enjoy bashing out the occasional post so I will continue. Here’s to the next ten years!