Edinburgh Festival 2015 – Day Four

Having identified an early morning show to attend today we didn’t actually end up going as we weren’t up early enough. This meant our last show was last night and while we did look for possibilities for later this morning we couldn’t find anything that we wanted to do and where the timing fitted. So we walked the streets and then the much promised rain arrived which made things less pleasant than the beautiful weather of the previous three days.

We met up with a friend from Reading who had just arrived in town for the Festival for lunch at the quirky Black Medicine Coffee co. before heading to the airport.

Reflecting on our first fringe I have the following thoughts:

  • Both Helen and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be coming back.
  • I wish that we had been more adventurous. Everything we saw we enjoyed but was that because we chose things that we knew subconsciously were our sort of thing? Next time I think that we should look for more theatre and some dance rather than just variations on a comedy theme.
  • I really like Appletiser.
  • People who I have never met before were happy to come up to me unannounced and tell me that I was taking a picture from the wrong angle or sound their horn and wave at me (in a friendly manner) as they drove past. I know the latter sounds like they were just telling me to get out of the way but I was on the pavement and it really was a friendly gesture. They probably either weren’t a Scot or didn’t realise I was English 😉
  • It can rain in Edinburgh. I have been to the city probably half a dozen times now and the expectation always is that it will rain. On everyone of those occasions bar one the weather has been fantastic and even today when it did rain it wasn’t for long. Maybe the Scots in Edinburgh send the rain to Glasgow?

As a final footnote. You know those little clear, seal-able, bags you are supposed to put your liquids in as you go through security at airports? If you “forget” to put a bottle in your carry on bag you will get found out, as I did today!