In, Out, Shake it all about

So tomorrow is the time for us all to vote on the future of the Conservative party. June 23rd is your opportunity to decide their fate once and for all as that is really what has triggered this vote – factions in the tories that have spent years arguing over Europe.

In truth the conversation about whether we should be in or out of Europe seems to come down to one single issue – immigration. To be clear here we are talking about recent immigrants from the continent not the inbound immigration that has been taking place over hundreds of years. Chances are you’re not British if you think you are, see the video below. I know I certainly have Germanic ancestry.

The thing about immigration is that people try and wrap it up as concern for the fragile resources of the UK. The fact of the matter is that immigrants from the EU make up a tiny proportion of the population and are more likely to be in work paying taxes than an indigenous person. If you would like to run through the numbers take a look at this post.

One argument made is that immigrants are taking jobs from British workers. With unemployment at an 11 year low I think that this can be safely discarded as a reasonable line to take. In fact many of the over stretched services, such as education and health, are only running at present because of workers from outside the UK. Without them who would teach our children? Who would nurse us when we are sick? Who would pick fruit and vegetables from the fields? And who would do all the jobs that UK workers don’t want to do?

It is obviously clear that I will be voting to REMAIN but whichever side of the argument you fall on if you do nothing else make sure you VOTE.

And remember, once the decision is made, there is no going back…