USA ’17 – Day 1 – In for the Long Haul

We’re off again and this time it’s a big one – the west coast of America. This is a trip that we had planned to take to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Given that this year was our 27th anniversary you can see we slipped a little. Over the next three weeks we will be visiting LA, San Francisco, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Diego and more. See the map below for the full route – all 1,624 miles of it.

I’m writing this from our B&B in Hollywood and we have been on the go now for just over 22 hours. In that time we have managed to fit in four meals starting with breakfast in Heathrow and ending with dinner just off the Hollywood Boulevard. As an aside I made a rookie error at dinner when I ordered chips to go with my sandwich and, of course, got crisps. I now know why the Americans don’t call them crisps as that would be a misnomer.

Unsurprisingly I’m beginning to flag a bit now. Despite this  it is almost guaranteed that my body clock will ensure I am wide awake at 07:00 BST – just two hours from now.

Saying that we are in Hollywood makes it all sound very glamorous when, in fact, this area of town is pretty run down and there are what seem to be a large number of people sleeping rough.  It will be interesting to see what it is like in the more touristy areas tomorrow as our big adventure properly begins.