USA ’17 – Day 18 – San Diego

For the most part we have stayed in hotels on this trip but our two nights in Joshua Tree have been a bit different as we have been in a B&B. It’s funny that we paid far more in some hotels than we have at the Desert Lily yet the place has been far nicer than most and there was a fantastic breakfast included.

The Desert Lily B&B, Joshua Tree

The other thing with a hotel is that you can avoid all the other guests and be as anti-social as you like. At this B&B at any rate that is not possible as we all sat down to breakfast together and, last night, also sat chatting around a wood fire.

There were two other couples apart from ourselves – one from Bristol, UK and the other from New York City. The conversations that we had proved fascinating especially when we got to discussing politics with the Americans who were openly Republicans but admitted to voting for Hilary Clinton to avoid the Trump issue.

The time at the Desert Lily was just perfect from the room to the breakfast, to the other guests, the brilliantly star filled night skies and, of course, the national park itself. However, we needed to move on and this morning we drove across to San Diego.

The city was described to us by the couple from NYC to be ‘generic’ and I think that’s a good description for it. The place is clean and tidy with a nice breach front area but nothing really marks the place out as being that different although there aren’t many that have huge aircraft carriers in the bay.

Tonight we are off out to one of our favourite restaurants providing we can pull together some clothes that are suitable and clean enough!