New York & Washington ‘19 – Day Eight – Georgetown and Goodbye

The last day of a holiday is always sad because you’ve got to pack, get a flight home, go back to work etc. but as our flight wasn’t until the evening we had pretty much a full day left. Hurrah! We chose to spend that time close to the hotel exploring Georgetown.

If Washington DC is all sleek and business like Georgetown is laid back, upmarket and cool. Many of its streets are lined with pretty houses painted in various pastel shades. The main thoroughfare, the wide M street, is lined on both sides with up-market shops and boutiques. Surprisingly there was none of the usual fast food joints to be found. So no McDonalds which gives you a pretty good idea of what it is like (although it does have a Chipotle).

Rather serendipitously while wandering the streets we came across a wall painted in exactly the same design as the tee shirt I was wearing – Hokusai‘s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”.

Eventually we ran out of steam (and streets to wander) and so went back to the hotel where we found that we had been locked out of our room. It transpired that even though we had arranged a late checkout with reception nobody had bothered to tell the computer which promptly denied us access! With that resolved we were able to retrieve our bags and grab an Uber to the airport.

So that’s the week done and I’ve really enjoyed it although I am knackered now from all the walking. Highlight? Probably the views from the top of the Rockefeller Center in New York at night. Thing I wouldn’t rush back to again? Central Park. However, if I had to choose between New York and Washington I would go with the latter. I found NY to be very claustrophobic and Washington was open, greener and altogether classier but I suspect we’ll be back to both.